In Ecclesia (Nick Norton)

from ABLAZE AMIDST THE HORNS by Ignition Duo



Composer's Notes:

"When considering the purpose of chants written for the cathedrals and monasteries of the medieval era, to drone on and on and imbue listeners and singers alike with a trance-like sense of the eternal, I began wondering what situations in my own semi-atheist, semi-deist experience do the same for me. The answer, I quickly realized, came in the form of the ecstatic bodily response I get from extremely amplified music. And drone metal, musically speaking, isn't all that far from chant.

As such, I married one of the oldest chants in the book - the dorian cantus firmus from Fux's Gradus Ad Parnassum - to the sound of the spaces I love most and feel most comforted by, that of the communion we all take in the concert hall or circle pit. Hence the title, In Ecclesia, as this is my church. I've asked Ignition Duo to only ever perform the piece as loud as physically possible. If you're listening to the recording, please turn it up rather a lot."


from ABLAZE AMIDST THE HORNS, released January 30, 2016
Composed by Nick Norton

Nick Norton is a composer, guitarist, and concert producer from Los Angeles. He is interested in the colorful grey areas between genres, creating new experiences for listeners, and destroying social barriers to enjoying music. The LA Times describes his music as crazy, and NewMusicBox referred to his pieces as “visceral sonic haiku.” Recent projects include pieces for Ensemble Mise-En, Gnarwhallaby, HOCKET, The Mustang Symphony, and numerous soloists, and music with his bands, Better Looking People With Superior Ideas and Honest Iago. Nick is co-artistic director of Equal Sound, founder and editor of New Classic LA, and a member of Synchromy. He really enjoys craft beer, sci fi, and being near or in the ocean, and holds degrees from UC San Diego and King’s College London. He is currently pursuing his PhD in composition from UC Santa Barbara, where he also teaches.


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Ignition Duo San Francisco, California

Forged in 2011 by David Gonzales and Ramon Fermin, Ignition Duo has set out to marshal a new and vital repertoire for two electric guitars via intensive collaboration with emerging and established composers.

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